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Tutorials on how to cut a crease or contour a cheekbone are ten a penny now, but there are a few beauty secrets that still seem to be going largely ignored. If you're neglecting to clean your brushes properly, relying on outdated tricks for matching your foundation colours or applying your concealer before your foundation, you're missing out on looking your best and storing up problems for yourself in the future--and that's why I've started this blog. My hope is to help you pick up on all the titbits you've missed, and fill in the blanks on your amateur makeup artist education!

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Various Career Opportunities in the Cosmetology Industry

An assumption that some people may be under when it comes to beauty schools is that the beauty courses you take will simply grant you access to job opportunities at salons or barbershops. Although a great number of cosmetology students do work in salons, spas, and barbershops, these are not the only career paths that are available. Depending on the types of courses that you take while in beauty school, you can branch out to a wide assortment of industries. So what are some of the career opportunities that are available to you in the cosmetology industry?

Nail technician

A nail technician is not merely tasked with performing manicures and pedicures. As a nail technician, you would have extensive knowledge of the anatomy of nails. Therefore, you would be able to provide consultation on ailments affecting nails, advice people on how to boost the growth of their nails and more. Additionally, being a nail technician would also mean that you have studied nail artistry. The demand for nail art has grown in leaps and bounds over the years, which would give you the chance to expand your client base to individuals who would like unique finishes rather than a simple coat of nail polish.

Makeup artist

Another career path that you could consider after graduating from cosmetology school is working as a makeup artist. Makeup artistry is one of the more versatile job opportunities that you could consider, as there is a broad range of specialisations that you could choose. For instance, you could opt to work as a wedding makeup artist, which would mean your services would specifically cater to bridal parties. Since weddings are ceremonies that will never go out of style, you can have unlimited access to clients as long as you know how to market your business. Alternatively, you can take your makeup artistry a notch higher and venture into the film and theatre business. In this line of work, makeup artists are tasked with creating the looks of different characters using prosthetics and specialised tools rather than simply applying makeup on actors.


A stylist is tasked with bringing together the entire look that someone wears. Typically, these professionals tend to be hired on film and TV sets, as they would coordinate the costumes as well as the makeup that the actors will wear. However, you can also work as a personal stylist for people who would prefer to hire someone to shop for their attire and come up with different looks either for an event or on a day-to-day basis. Stylists are not only expected to know what is trendy, but they should also have an impeccable fashion sense.