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Tutorials on how to cut a crease or contour a cheekbone are ten a penny now, but there are a few beauty secrets that still seem to be going largely ignored. If you're neglecting to clean your brushes properly, relying on outdated tricks for matching your foundation colours or applying your concealer before your foundation, you're missing out on looking your best and storing up problems for yourself in the future--and that's why I've started this blog. My hope is to help you pick up on all the titbits you've missed, and fill in the blanks on your amateur makeup artist education!

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Stocking Up for Your Brand New Nail Bar

The nail business is booming, which means it's the perfect time to get into it if you have the skills. Starting your own business is a rewarding journey that could set you up for life with a profitable asset that gives you lots of freedom.

Once you've taken care of things like finding somewhere to set up shop, getting trained and licensed (if you weren't already), and deciding on all the finer details of your new business, it's time to get into the final stretch.

This means, of course, you're going to need stock and equipment. After all, you definitely can't start taking on clients until you have the nail supplies you need to do your work. To help you make a list and start ordering, here are the essential pieces you need to start out — assuming you've already kitted out your new salon with furnishings and chairs.

Nail polish

There are several types of professional nail polish in use, but the most popular are gel and shellac polishes. It might be useful to have a few different kinds in stock, but concentrate on the one you're most experienced with, and buy most of your stock in that. Don't forget any dryers or UV lamps you need and base and top coats.

Once you've decided what types of polish you need, it's time to choose an array of colours. While you might be tempted to get every one under the sun, this isn't necessarily a very sound investment to start out. Get a mix of shades across the spectrum, but try to think about what will be popular. As your experience grows, you'll have a better idea of what works and what doesn't.

Acrylic nail kit

You'll need the nails themselves, of course, but also a good stock of acrylic powder and liquid, plus nail glue.

Removal products

You don't need just ordinary nail polish remover, but specialist substances for removing shellac and gel polishes, plus acrylic nails. You might find yourself removing just as many nails and polishes as you put on, so these are all highly important.


Don't forget your brushes for applying that polish! You might get through quite a lot of them, so stock up well so you're not forced to use ones that are past their best. You'll also want some good quality clippers, gloves for wearing while you work and, if you're using spray-on nail polish, some masks to protect your airways.