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Tutorials on how to cut a crease or contour a cheekbone are ten a penny now, but there are a few beauty secrets that still seem to be going largely ignored. If you're neglecting to clean your brushes properly, relying on outdated tricks for matching your foundation colours or applying your concealer before your foundation, you're missing out on looking your best and storing up problems for yourself in the future--and that's why I've started this blog. My hope is to help you pick up on all the titbits you've missed, and fill in the blanks on your amateur makeup artist education!

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Tips for Increasing the Sales of Your Skincare Products

If you have a private label skincare product, you can often build loyal customers just by offering your exclusive product that is not available through any other distributor. However, it may not be enough to simply offer a proprietary brand to your customers, as there may be certain types of products that customers are shopping for today, and which you don't offer in your skincare line. There are also a few other things you might consider in order to increase sales of your product; note a few of those suggestions here, so you can ensure you're enjoying maximum profits from your skincare brand.

All-natural, all organic

As consumers are becoming more aware of the chemicals that are contained in skincare and personal hygiene products, they are increasing their demand for all-natural and all organic ingredients in these products. Offering natural products that are made with essential oils and vitamins is good, and you might also ensure they're made with ingredients like honey, lavender, and oatmeal. These types of ingredients can often mean increased profits and business, as consumers prefer seeing a list of ingredients they easily recognize as being natural, organic, and healthy.


You may not like the idea of giving away your product for free, but samples of your product can increase business, as consumers try the product, find that it works, and decide to buy a full-size jar or bottle. You can even offer trial sizes for a small price, so that samples don't cut into your profit margins too deeply. Talk to your skincare product manufacturer about the types of sample sizes that are available for your product, and distribute these at trade fairs, salons and spas, and other such outlets where you might find potential customers.

Locally grown and manufactured

Many consumers like to support the local economy, and may be unsure of labour practices in other countries. They may also be mistrustful of some products that are made abroad, or that use products from other areas, as they may not be sure of safe handling procedures in those areas. You might then be able to increase business by using locally grown and harvested materials, and a local manufacturer. You can advertise on the product labelling that it was made in your country, or even just use the term "locally grown and manufactured." Those consumers who are looking to support the local economy may then be more likely to try your product than one without such labelling.

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